New York Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program offers rentals assistance and home ownership to low-income families so that they can afford safe and sanitary housing. The program is funded by U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered by Private Housing Authorities (PHAs). The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) provides Section 8 rental assistance in New York City while different administrating PHAs provide Section 8 rental assistance in other areas.

Section 8 participants can find a housing unit of their own choice in the public market, including single-family units and apartments. The owner should agree to rent the house. The PHA will inspect the housing unit for HUD’s safety and quality standards before approving a housing unit for New York Section 8 Housing Voucher Program. A family can also choose to live in its present residence if it meets HUD’s quality standards.

New York Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program covers only a part of total rent. The participant will need to pay the remaining part which is usually 30% of the total rent. The PHA will pay the rental subsidy directly to the landlord.

New York Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program requires participants to sign a contract of lease with the owner. Participants will be bound by the terms of the contract. All Section 8 tenants will have same rights and duties as regular tenants towards their landlord and neighborhood. Landlord will have the right to ask for evacuation if tenant violates terms of the contract or indulges in other activities that may generally result in such demand from the landlord. The PHA will also sign a contract with the landlord and pay the rental subsidy directly to the landlord through that contract.

To receive New York Section 8 rental assistance, applicants don’t have to meet any work related requirements. However, they have to meet income requirements since the program targets the most vulnerable individuals and families to help them move to a safe and sanitary residence. Applicants will also need to prove their citizenship or legality of immigration status. Once an applicant’s application has been accepted by Section 8, it will remain on the priority list for as long as it takes to receive the program assistance. Sections 8 applicants never expire but families may have to wait for years before they start receiving Housing Choice Voucher. The PHA will stop taking applications when funds have exhausted. Therefore, make sure that you know about application dates so that you don’t miss the chance to be on waiting list.

Who can Qualify for Section 8?
Applicants will need to meet the following eligibility requirements to receive New York Section 8 rental assistance.

At least one person in your family must be a U.S citizen or a legal immigrant. You will need to show documents to prove it.

Your annual household income should be below the income limit, which is set at 50% of median income. However, 75% of the total number of vouchers are to be distributed to very low-income individuals and families and therefore limit is set to 30% median income.

Drug-related criminal record:
Applicants who have been previously evicted from public housing for drug-related criminal activities can’t receive Section 8 rental assistance for three years from the date of such eviction.

The program doesn't have any work-related requirements.

How to Apply
To apply for New York Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher assistance, you can follow these simple steps.

Step 1:
Check whether your local PHAs are accepting applications or not. Each PHA maintains a waiting list. PHAs often close application date when the required number of applications have arrived.

You can find name, telephone number, and address of your local PHA using this link. If you’re in NYC, you can contact NYC Housing Authority or just find a PHA near you using HUD’s directory of PHAs.

Step 2:
Fill out pre-application form or full application, as required by your PHA. Some PHAs may allow you to fill pre-application on telephone. Once you've completed this step, you will be placed on waiting list after determining your eligibility for the program.

Step 3:
When your turn comes on the waiting list, PHA will call you for an interview and final verification of documents for determining your eligibility for the program. You will need to take proof of income for all members of the family as well as proof of your citizenship along with you when going for the interview.

Bellow you will find many of the forms that are typically requested from the North Hempstead Housing Authority and placed here for your convenience. If you don't find the form you need from us to complete a request or application feel free to give us a call. (516) 365-0665.

Request For Tenancy Approval

Lead in Your Home pamphlet

Download a Section 8 application here! Download other forms and policies you may need on or FORMS/DOCUMENTS page.