Board of Commissioners

NHHA Board Pict 2018

Board Members and the Executive Director. From left to right bottom row: Betty Segal; Middle Row: Tracey Caines, Alan Cooper, Matthew Cuomo, AJ Smith; Top Row: Sean Rainey, Desiree Woodson, Mattie McCloud (not pictured)

Matthew Cuomo

Bette Segal
Vice Chairman

Arthur J. Smith

Traci S. Caines

Alan Cooper

Desiree Woodson
Tenant Commissioner

Mattie McCloud
Tenant Commissioner

Staff Members

Sean T. Rainey, PHM
Executive Director
(516) 627-6433 Ext. 309

Dolly Carrington
Assistant Housing Project Manager
(516) 627-6433 Ext. 308

Heather Santacreu
Rental Intake / Work Order Clerk
(516) 627-6433 Ext. 301

April Walsh
Section 8 Coordinator
(516) 627-6433 Ext. 302

Karen Estrella
Housing Assistant
(516) 627-6433 Ext. 304

Marc Cox
Maintenance Manager - Manhasset Valley
(516) 627-6433

Frank Sillitti
Maintenance Assistant - Magnolia Gardens
(516) 627-6433

Jose Hernandez
Maintenance Assistant - Magnolia Gardens
(516) 627-6433

RAD Resident Advisory Board

Stanley Spradley
leave a message at (516) 627-6433

Nancy Tucker
leave a message at (516) 627-6433

Resident Advisory Board

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB) provides the PHA and the residents with a forum for sharing information about the Agency’s Annual Plan. RAB membership is comprised of individuals who reflect and represent the residents assisted by the PHA. The role of the RAB is to assist the PHA in developing the PHA Plan and in making any significant amendment or modification to the Plan. PHA’s are required to institute at least one RAB; the number of RAB’s beyond that number will depend on the size and the complexity of the PHA or its developments. In deciding the number of RAB’s to be established, a PHA should consider how adequate representation of its entire resident population can be provided. The main role of the RAB is to make recommendations in the development of the PHA Plan.

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