Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the apartments located?

We have two locations; Manhasset Valley located at 155 East Shore Road, Manhasset, NY and Magnolia Gardens located at 899 Broadway, Westbury, NY.

Can I request a particular location?

Yes, but if you choose a particular location, it could extend your waiting period to receive an apartment.

How much will my rent be?

 Rent is based on income; it is roughly 30% of your gross income. However, if you pay medical expenses (doctor visits, co-pays, medical insurance premiums i.e. AARP, Oxford, HIP, dental, vision and prescription as well as over-the-counter medicine); you can submit proof and it could possibly reduce your rent amount.

Is electricity included in my rent?

At 899 Broadway, Westbury, NO, electricity is NOT included in the rent, individuals living in our Westbury complex have to contact PSE&G at 1-800-490-0025 to have them connect those services. We give a deduction of $29 for studios and $37 for one-bedrooms to help offset the electric expense. At 155 East Shore Road, Manhasset, YES, electricity is included in the rent.

Are there other fees or expenses?

 Yes, parking is $2.17 monthly, the vehicle must be registered and insured by the tenant. Please note that you may possibly have to wait for a parking space at Manhasset Valley. Residents at Manhasset Valley, 155 East Shore Road in Manhasset must pay an electric usage surcharge of $1.00 for each TV and $2.50 for each air conditioner. YOU HAVE TO BUY YOUR OWN AIR CONDITIONER, however it must be approved by the Housing Authority PRIOR TO PURCHASING as the incorrect air conditioner can cause water damage and energy waste.  If you want cable or telephone service, you will have to obtain and  pay for those services.

How long do I have to wait to get an apartment?

 That depends on when you apply, which complex you want to live in, as well as *preference points.  Once your application is received it will be processed and you will receive a letter acknowledging your placement on the waiting list. You will be notified in writing when your name reaches the top of our waiting list, so it is mandatory that you inform us in writing of address changes. The average wait time is approximately 3 years.

Who can apply?

Seniors who are 62 years or older at the time of application and individuals who are deemed disabled may apply. The North Hempstead Housing Authority conducts a background check to determine further eligibility prior to moving in.

How can I apply?

Please Note: Currently, North Hempstead Housing Authority is not accepting applications for any of its programs.

* Preference points are given to the following individuals: Seniors & Disabled Individuals, North Hempstead Residents, Displaced Individuals and Honorably Discharged Veterans. All preferences must be verified prior to move in.