Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a Section 8 application?


How do I know when program is open?

Program opening and closing dates will be announced in the Legal Notices section of the Nassau County edition of Long Island Newsday.

Can I qualify for Section 8 if I am not working?


Is there an income limit?

Yes.  HUD publishes income limits annually based on family size.

What would my rent responsibility be?

Tenant responsibility is based on 30% of gross income minus deductions.

How do I find housing?

Check classified ads in newspapers, online postings, contact real estate brokers, contact management companies and owners.

Who is responsible for utilities?

Utilities are sometimes included in the contract rent.  If not, the tenant pays utility company directly.

How does rent get paid?

The tenant share of rent is paid by the tenant directly to the owner.  The housing assistance payment is paid by the Housing Authority directly to the owner.

Is there a time limit for being on the program?

No. Participants may remain on the program as long as they are income eligible and comply with all program regulations.


* All applications are accepted.

* Priority is given to local residents.